Thursday, November 17

Sister, sister

My parents were smart. They had us 7 years apart which gave Mona her own childhood as the only grandbaby for a long time, and it gave me a big sister, someone else to take care of me. Our personalities both benefitted from this and although we went through a rough patch when someone was a moody high schooler and someone else was a lonely little elementary school chipmunk, we are incredibly close.

When I'm alone and it's really quiet I think about how much I am my actual, full, loud, don't give a shiz self when I'm around her, and of all the things I am grateful for about having Mona as my sister ( her generosity, patience, understanding, etc.), lately I've been most aware of that. And also most aware of how I didn't have that for a good chunk of time and maybe something bottled up inside. I need her, and that's it.

In October we took a road trip up north for the Berkeley Portishead show, and it was really nice to share the city with her, something I didn't have many chances to do before.

sisters of the maiz
Gracias Madre

could have been a good halloween costume
Trying on Halloween costumes at Bell Jar

our natural state:
Waiting for the N

Brian Andreas we are the weirdos print
This sums it up better than any of my words. All Brian Andreas prints hit me inside, instantly. Isn't this sweet and happysad at the same time?


mona said...

ditto, sissy. why are you trying to make me cry? love you!

Silvia said...

Older sisters are pretty rad! I was just thinking about how thankful I am for mine today, too.

mari said...

Monita- awwwww.

SIlvs- baby sister power!

Natalie (Fashion Intel) said...

Hooray for sisters! Loved this sweet post. My sister and I are also 7 years apart.

mari said...

7 years apart is some sort of magic sister formula!