Monday, November 21

Some things just stick in your mind

I needed to fill up. All fall I've been running on nearly empty and now that the big day, the big personal statement event has passed and we had almost 400 ( still haven't tallied up the numbers) students and tutors show up, I'm still not relieved of all that stress and anticipation of it going well. Event planning is rough for a worrywort, and worse when you're running on no budget and your'e the one mind that over 400 people, several schools, council members, big funders, and a national organization are all counting on; and still in the classroom most days doing this on the side. Even just typing this out sloughs some of it off.
So on this rainy Sunday I listened to Mazzy Star, Vashti Bunyan and Cat Power to put myself back together. I have Miranda July's new book sitting on the couch next to me, excited to read it over the start of the holiday week. I painted and wrote and put on red lipstick. For all of those I haven't seen or been able to hang out with, this is my coming out of the cave phase, so I'll be in touch soon!


Natalie (Fashion Intel) said...

Cat Power always does the trick for me too, along with some Fleetwood Mac. Congrats on taking on and executing an amazing project! I look forward to hearing stories of students who get into the college of their dreams.

Now that some stress has lifted, I hope that we can get coffee or a lunch some time soon. xo NJ

mari said...

I missed the Fleetwood Mac train, but I'll give it a try and add to my woman soothing mix.

I love sharing stories and yes yes yes it is definitely time to meet up. I'm not a crazy mess anymore and I actually have room in my head to plan things. Lunch or coffee will be ours SOON!