Monday, December 5

The tale of the best friend and the chilaquiles

This has all the makings of a perfect Saturday morning. We picked up Em from the airport, she handed me a jar of her famous granola, and then we handed her off to the man of her dreams inside of his taco truck while we ate his delicious food. The only thing getting me through that week was knowing I had this moment to look forward to, and it lived up to all of its glory.

Taco Maria chilaquiles
Taco Maria flan

The chilaquiles is my favorite dish so far from Taco Maria. If the line wasn't so long, I would have had another, yup, that good. The grape agua fresca was light, refreshing, and not too sweet. I'm not very into squishy textures, so I've never given flan a good try. I was nervous when I saw this was the new desert, but of course if Carlos makes it, it will be the best _______ you've ever had. And, this was the first flan I liked-soaked in a rasberry sauce, amazing.

Taco Maria is at the SoCo Farmer's Market in Costa Mesa every Saturday morning. You can check out their schedule or twitter to find where else you can run into them.


Natalie (Fashion Intel) said...

I am seriously drooling!

mari said...

you need to visit the truck, you will LOVE everything! Costa Mesa on a Saturday morning isn't too far, and with a cool hip alternative shopping space right next to it, it calls my name, and I think yours too : )