Tuesday, January 31

Inside an old Avon suitcase

An old Avon suitcase has moved from garage to garage from one sister to the next. It moved in with us over the holidays and we had fun looking at pictures I've never even seen.

old babies
My mom and her sister, looking exactly like Mona and my cousin when they were babies.


grandma and grandpa

My aunt said I looked like my grandma in these pictures, I think she was referring to my weekend red lips and big hips...


Natalie (Fashion Intel) said...

"Weekend red lips?" Love that! Old family photos are so special and it is so much fun peering into your history. These look great. See you soon!

mari said...

In an always around kids job I don't like to wear red lipstick, so it's saved until Friday night when it's lipstick central until Sunday night, hah.

Dyan said...

these are so special! i tried to look closely at the portraits of your grandma in the bottom pic...they are really beautiful. can i add to the lipstick in the workplace topic too? i want to wear my orange lipstick to work but then i put on my active PT gear and it's just weird to wear lipstick with patients in a gym setting. i relate to this! it's a weekend thing!

mari said...

Yup, I get you, it's just awkward. And then, where would you re-apply? I'm just too busy to put one more thing on my to do list at work. But I bet you'd look cute in your PT gear and orange lips!