Friday, January 20

Tech Fixed and how he can make a bench too

At my job in San Francisco, Jorge was coined The Renaissance Man because when he popped in for a visit he could fix just about anything that our non profit needed. Here at home I haven't given him a name for being so crafty, precise, and consumed by making and fixing, but I'm always inspired. While I always want to find the easy way out or just wave off something that seems too complicated, that's exactly what peaks his interest.

For Christmas I was thinking a lot about using it to be more minimal in gift giving and receiving, so I was firm and laid down the law of no purchasing gifts. So one morning I walked into the backyard with my eyes closed and saw this waiting in the grass:

my bench

He drafted the plans himself using wood he picked up and even ordered at a salvage yard, Silver Fox, off Cesar Chavez. The seat of the bench is from barn wood that is 100 years old. I know barn wood is verging on if not already in the category of "put a bird on it", but when you have something to use that's recycled and hand made, it really does feel so special.

The main area of his fixing talents are in computers, he is the genius behind, Tech Fixed. He can fix pretty much any problem you have with your mac or even pc. He can rewire an office, and is especially good at organizing small business tech needs like syncing contacts and documents ( which for some reason is the biggest pain in the butt for companies).

While he waits to get his master thesis ( the effects of deportation on children of immigrant's education) approved by his advisors, he is hoping to increase his business, so please give him a call if you need something or have a friend who does:

Tech Fixed on Yelp

Tech Fixed site

Tech Fixed Facebook ( where you can also keep updated on weekly tips to keep your computer in top shape)


Dyan said...

jorge is a man of many talents! so in awe of this bench! it's a beauty :) and yay, tech fixed! i remember when i just got my macbook, jorge got me up and running by transferring all my files from my old laptop that would barely turn on and walking me through the transition to mac. so thankful for that.

Natalie (Fashion Intel) said...

Jorge seems like a radical dude! What a lovely bench.

mari said...

Isn't it nice to know you always have mac repair in the fam? Dyan, you still need to come over so you can use all the equipment here to make a bench of your own!

Thanks Natalie!

And if ya'll know of anyone in LA who needs computer support of fixin, send them his way!