Saturday, August 25

Yosemite Rainbows

One car left from SF, the other from LA and for a couple of days we lived together next to the Merced River, hiking, biking, eating, and drinking. I never knew I loved running under waterfalls or riding next to Half Dome.



top ten lifetime bikerides



More than a year later finally seeing this film developed, I gasped and shrieked because I couldn't believe how perfect these captured the feelings of the trip.

After dinner one night we took the Yosemite bus to The Ahwahnee to get a drink. I have memories of being little, looking out the window from that hotel to deer in snow, my dad reading from Native American creation myths at night, eating Easy Cheese on Triscuits. And now I'll remember ordering Oprah's signature Yosemite's Moscow Mule and sitting in one of the library rooms admiring the wallpaper, running back to the bus to catch the last ride back to camp.


Dyan said...

marisa! loveeee your new blog header!

also, pretty post on yosemite too! :)

mari said...

Thanks : )