Monday, May 10

stopping a habit

I should stop looking at pictures of beautiful, airy, and sunlit homes. This habit of spending time on design sponge or apartment therapy to save pictures is really how I make my fantasizing seem more logical. Yes, we are going to have an apartment somewhere in LA, but I can't even say 'soon' just yet. My future is completely unknown, and I have to try very hard to remember this is an adventure, and not the scariest thing I've done so far in my life. I'll have to be content with strip malls, grocery shopping at Vons, driving and not having a local coffee shop, for as long as necessary.
A job, going back to school, who knows! I've done some research about neighborhoods and proximity to the possible places that I'd need to be close to and I've learned of places I've never even heard of before: Palms and Mar Vista.
Ok, one last apartment photo of a home in Mar Vista. Found on design sponge.

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Whimsy Being said...

Oh man..those double doors...happy sigh.