Tuesday, September 28

Yes, this fall heat wave feels suffocating, disgusting, and scary. Although 99% unbearable, I'm hopeful that once it cools down and the air turns crisp that life will settle down a bit too, that this heat is going to clear out any lingering interruptions to what was feeling so right and easy. It's strange when bad things happen in relation to the weather, but a reminder that something is connecting us to things more natural. All I want is to roam in an apple orchard and wear sweaters.


A glimpse into a glowing calm
necessary fire.
But what needs to be destroyed
before it’s all clear?

It’s going to burn
get black
even the dirt beneath the dirt
completely at a loss.
How will anything live on?

But, you’re standing now
where this happened
and will happen again.

Just look at all this green.

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Whimsy Being said...

This heat wave really threw me for a loop too. =/ Once I mentally checked myself into autumn, it jumped up to 100 degrees.

Hope we can meet up soon! I'm not interning in LA anymore because the commute got a little much for me and made my anxiety worsen.