Thursday, July 21

The Bu

I had a period of dumb kind of depression when I was sick and couldn't leave the house. I wanted to be climbing knee high in itchy grass to get to an open beach, or something similarly calm and beautiful and hot. I wanted summer.

It came two weeks later when we took a trip to Leo Carrillo beach to meet up with Dyan for a day of girl talk and relaxation. Right before we left the house I found a mixtape by oldbrandnew and it was the perfect soundtrack for a Sunday drive to the beach. It was pretty dreamy and perfect until we hit beach traffic for about 2 hours. We could have been to Santa Barbara by that time! I was po'ed to say the least, and then I got hungry with only the campground store to look to for food. Next time, we'll take the 101 and pack more snacks, or maybe just meet her in Santa Barbara! Or just head out there when it's not the peak of summer, because once we were there it was back to beach magic, all worth it.

After we spent hours laying in the sand and standing in the ocean we drove back into town and stopped at the lumber yard where we had sandwiches, watched white cranes play in a tree, and stumbled upon a pressed juicery truck. Since I was still recovering from an accidental detox of my own, I chose the apple strawberry coconut. Every sip was intense and I couldn't help but gulp it down because it was so good and I was craving something pure like that.

We called it The Bu all day and got a kick out of it. The three of us together feels like family.

I'm just realizing now ( after meeting more people who live in LA now but didn't grow up here) that we don't go to the beach very often ( they don't understand why I had never been to Venice before this year-do you know how insane the traffic is on the weekend, why would a family on the eastside go there??) Long Beach water seems too dirty and Orange Country beaches seem too far away and not what I want. Growing up we would either go to Santa Barbara or San Diego for the day instead, so I just don't know much about the beaches around here. Now at least I know that Malibu is also just a bit too far, but if I wanted to have that, it's there.


Whimsy Being said...

i loved this day! can we have another summer day together? next time i'll come to you or let's do sb for sure!

it's weird having grown up in the area and yet everything still feels so far away and expansive. i've only been to venice a handful of times, have never been to an oc beach or a long beach beach. the traffic totally deters me from trying new things sometimes, though i wish it didn't. i always think of my grandpa who navigated the freeway system with such ease his whole life. he would drive to the oc to pick up a part he needed to fix a tractor or drive to la for pastrami sandwich. driving and traffic never deterred him ever, he made it look so easy. and now i'm in cam town and it's hard for me to feel connected to la and places beyond bc the driving deters me.

mari said...

Yes, another summer day is in our near future! Let's plan...anyplace on your list?

Channel your grandpa and hit the road! That's sweet to hear about his trips just for things he wanted or needed. I admire that about Jorge too, he doesn't complain about traffic and doesn't get anxious or stressed out about it. So while I freak out in the car and he jokingly does the Jeff Lewis traffic impression, it calms me down, haha.

And if you want to come at night to avoid the day traffic, sleepover and then be here for the day, you're always welcome!

Natalie of Fashion Intel said...

Wait, are you and Dyan friends, or was this a blogger meet up?!?!? Either way, looks like you had a great one. I've been curious about that juice and since you gave it a glowing recommendation, I'll have to give it a try!