Sunday, July 3

can't get food off my mind

Dinner in Highland Park at Ceci's house

I spent many weekday nights alone in San Francisco, mostly on my couch or in my bed with my laptop. I was working hard on overcoming my anxiety, but I couldn't get away from the comfort of searching and searching and searching until J walked in the door from work and I could finally move and go to sleep. I can look back and know now that when I put my cell phone in the other room, or when I don't turn on my laptop for days, that I'm free of whatever that was I needed then.

But all that time searching helped me to collect winter recipes so that when friends came over to cook, we were always trying something new. For a while I thought we were the Bon Appetement of Smitten Kitchen.

The bad news is that I'm still house bound, bed bound, rest bound ( and all I can do is think about the food that I can't eat right now-anything but bananas, rice, apples and toast is yelling out to me), and the good news is that I'm more serious and meaningful in my browsing, and find myself with lots of time to do so on this holiday weekend. I've been searching through the old regulars, but I want new food inspiration, preferably vegetarian with not a ton of oil and cheese type places.

Do you have any recommendations?


arrow said...

Have you read

mari said...

Thank you arrow, this is the perfect combination of everything I was looking for! Have you made anything from the site?